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This EVS project will take place in Tbilsi, Georgia and will involve two italian volunteers  who will work with the NGO Civil Forum for Peace for 10 months.
Civil Forum for Peace is to promote sustainable development of local communities in the conflict resolution process and contribute to the dialogue between the Georgian and Ossetian communities development. In their work they try to contribute to the local civil society, to help their professional development and enhance the capacity of youth involvement in local life.
The main aim of the project is to develop and promote knowledge of post-conflict reconstruction and peace building, by producing analytical reports and articles for publication and dissemination by Civil Forum for Peace and others. The other aim of the volunteers is to assist the work of Civil Forum for Peace, for example through empowering local youth for non formal education tools and running movie and discussion clubs for local youths, organizational and administrative work, building networks and partnerships, and planning and implementing projects. This will provide the volunteers with the chance to learn skills in several key competencies and will enhance the volunteer’s knowledge of how peace building and conflict resolution works in practice.

The project also aims to provide opportunities for local people, especially youth, to have the chance to improve their practical English language skills. The volunteer plans to follow up on the project by providing advice and guidance to other potential EVS participants who want to volunteer in Georgia or who wish to be involved in similar projects. The volunteer will be an integral part of the work carried out by Civil Forum for Peace in promoting knowledge of post-conflict reconstruction and empowering the local youths.  The volunteers will be integrated into Georgian culture and customs by living and building relationships with the local community and by gaining additional achievements such as personal and professional growth.



“Arti-vate Yourt Creativity through EVS 2.0” is a short term EVS project, which will be held in Zugdidi in Western Georgia. It will bring togheter 15 volunteers from different countries to take part in the preparetion and implementatiom of the Summer Festival GEM Fest. 

eurosudThe project will bring togheter young people who are willing to express their creativity by contributing to the promotion, organisation and implementation of the colourful culture and music festival at the Black Sea. The vlunteers will descover the challenges young people are facing while organizing such a event, also develop their IT, PR and  artistic skills and find out new passions, as the festival offers a wide range of opportunities.

Profile of the participants:

  • motivated to learn specific competencies,
  • ready to live in an internetional environment and curiosity about Gerogian culture,
  • to have passion and interest in photography, viedo and web design, social media and music,
  • creative approach,
  • an understanding to appropriate technical equipment,
  • open-mindness,
  • organisation skills,
  • spoken and written communication in English,
  • 18-30 years old.

The volunteery will be directly involved in organizing this event with members of local organization and local volunteers. They will manage organisational matters, popularize the event and make it visible.



eurosudThe project will take place in Kazanlak, Bulgaria– known as the Rose valley. Still, it will include travelling to and activities in other cities- Sofia, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, and others.

It will have two stages of 11 months each: from 07.06.2017 to 07.05.2018; and from 07.02.2018 to 07.01.2019. The total number of volunteers will be 6: 3 volunteers in each stage.

The project will improve the volunteers’ skills to do research, to plan, to write and publish, bypublishing a newsletter. They will search for news, they will prepare them, analyze them, and will take interviews and take photos in connection with them. The volunteers will do research in the region, will communicate with local people and will cooperate with the members and the interns of the hosting organization. The themes concerned by the project are European citizenship, European awareness and democracy, creativity and art. In the final stage of the project the problem of the youth participation and policies will be also emphasized.

Avtivities: the volunteers will take part in various activities together with the person responsible for them: doing research and surveys related to important for youngsters issues, dissemination of brochures and advertisements. They will have the opportunity to carry out their own mini projects related to communication, personal development, active citizenship.

Profile of the participants: we search for volunteers interested in social activities and having knowledge in the field of business communication, working with computers, and doing professional photos. The desired applicants are socially active; interested in different cultures; want to become familiar with a different way of living; are open to the world.

Find more informatione here ➡ INFOPACK


Preparation: April 2017 – June 2017
Mobility: June-July 2017 +5 months

eurosudThe hosting organization: La Giraudiereis a non-profit organisation based in the south west of France. Since 2007, La Giraudiere via its’ volunteer program and internships has provided training and is a place of learning for people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Whilst the projectat La Giraudiere is ideal for those wishing to learn about France, it’s language, it’s culture, lifestyle it also is ideal for French speakers who wish to learn or improve their English.La Giraudiere presents volunteers with the opportunity to live and work together with an international group, exchange one’s knowledge, life experiences and learn about each other’s cultures and countries whilst helping to improve the project for those to come in the future. LaGiraudiere is well established in the village life of Brossac and yet remains international in its operations and scope. This mixture of Local French life and international outlook provides a place for cultural understanding which as been referredto as unique.

Project description: EVS volunteers are needed to designentrepreneurship workshops that will be presented to youth that are about to be entering the working world following formal education or those who are presently unemployed following their formal education.

The EVS volunteers will be involved totally in all aspects of this project and will benefit, not just, from an international cultural-exchange experience in France but, also from informal learning about project management and all the subjects of the proposed workshops. The workshops will explain; The differences between social and commercial entrepreneurship, Website creation and design focussing on being found, marketing, social media, blogging, accounting with business English and or French. Based in the rural village of Brossac EVSparticipants will discover the wider region of south west France.

Volunteer profile: 

  • Prospective volunteers/applicants should be 18 years or over, have the following features.
  • Interested in the topic of Entrepreneurship.
  • Keen to learn about France, its culture, language and in particular rural France.
  • Motivated to work in teams/groups yetstill add their individual input into the project.
  • Able to accept and live with other cultures other than French or their own.
  • Willingness to get involved and step out of your comfort zone.
  • Available for the full duration of the mobility.

Find more informatin here ➡ INFOPACK


Today (05.07.2017), arrival day in sunny Tiblisi , at Shartava street, on the XIII floor DRONI headquarter , for many volunteers coming from Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic.
EUROSUD representatives were the first!

Carlo , Luana and Romolo , the participants of our short term EVS “Arti_Vate Your Creativity through EVS 2.0” will spend around 45 days in Zugdidi preparing DRONIs Booksa Bar for GEM Fest.

All daylong busy with team building, painting, constructing and developing social media strategies.
Be prepared for more to come soon!!

Youth Association DRONI

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