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The ngo EUROSUD is supported by  a group of friends , collegues and dreamers born in the last century.. EUROSUD is active at local, national and international level, taking part to different Programmes promoted and financed by the EU – especially within the “Youth in Action Programme”– in collaboration with other European and Extra-European partner countries.

Our target is the  group of young people the age 18 – 35 who lives in the region Puglia, Italy. We have participated in several European activities such as youth exchanges, trainings and seminars within the
Youth in Action Programme and brand new ERASMUS + . eurosud

The main aim of our association is to foster youth participation of young people in civil society, to bring social changes, development and improvement of society where we live, using different tools and mainly focused in youth field. We have been engaged in different youth activities as volunteers and during this period we have gained a lot of experience increasing our knowledge with a direct impact in our personal and social development. We have been participating and helping in facilitation of similar activities and this is  what gave us the motivation to continue with our own action.

The founders took part in several European projects such as “European Voluntary Service”, “Erasmus”, “Leonardo , and activities in youth field like youth exchanges, training courses  and seminars within the “Youth in Action” Programme.

eurosudThe main aim of our association is to foster the active participation of citizens in civil society, encourage social change, development and improvement of the reality in which we live in. Our work is addressed primarily to young people, with the specific aim of helping them to build a future full of opportunities and encouraging their personal growth.

We have been engaged in several European projects as volunteers, trainers and facilitators getting considerable experience in the youth field, increasing our knowledge with a direct impact in our personal and social development.

EUROSUD  is constantly engaged in conveying the values ​​and know-how acquired by organizing and implementing non-formal education activities, finding in young people and their growth the motivation to continue on its way.

EUROSUD ‘s goal  is to promote international mobility of youngsters through training courses, seminars and cultural exchanges abroad. Our idea is to disseminate the values of volunteering and social inclusion and to raise awareness about the importance of European citizenship. Moreover, we are deeply involved in promoting social inclusion of people and groups with fewer opportunities and European awareness at local level.

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