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The project is having 12 months duration and is registered as a long-term project

”’Τhe scope of this project, which will be implemented by YIA 18 according to the framework of Erasmus+ EVS programme, will be to provide educational and artistic workshops, towards vulnerable social groups of Thessaloniki.

According to the plan of activities, we are going to run several educational initiatives, as intercultural dialogue and social awareness, foreign languages workshops, basic competences workshops and several creative artistic workshops. Our group of volunteers, will offer their services, to the aforementioned social groups. The beneficiaries of this project, will be young refugees residing into temporary hosting structures, as well as homeless citizens of Thessaloniki, residing into municipal hosting structures.

Sunset from the Eptapyrgio Castle | Thessaloniki, Greece

The EVS volunteers, who will be recruited by YIA 18, are young adults who will not have completed the 30th year of their lives, at the starting date of the Incluseum project.
According to the project’s selection criteria, strong willingness and motivation of volunteers, will be highly appreciated.
The active involvement of volunteers, throughout the project’s duration is a prerequisite.
Throughout the EVS project, the volunteer will be supported by an EVS mentor and will acquire the following skills & competences throughout the project:
  • project management & planning
  • foreign language competence
  • social skills & innovative educational methods
  • digital competences
  • skills & expertise into civic service.
Volunteers will be accomodated into a modern furnitured flat, with all required amenities. Food allowance & pocket money will be deposited to volunteers’ banking account
once per month.





Group of local volunteers

When: From 1st of November 2017 till 31th of October 2018

Place: Volunteers will be anchored in two institutions: Day-Support Center “Barnimki” and DaySupport Center “St. Familly” in Szczecin. They will be also able to participate in the activities of hosting organization in the city and the region and will be posted as far as their needs and desires to other institutions like shelter for the homeless, Single Mother House, individual care for old and disabled people.

Goals: Our aim is to enable young peopleto build solidarity between the people of the European Union, thanks to Szczecin border location. The duties of a volunteer will be promote active form of leisure activities-sport and physical activities outdoors, learning languages and computer skills, outdoor art, theater workshops, etc. Depending on the interest and involvement a volunteer can demonstrate their creativity and independence. Other objectives of this project are to integrate generation and social groups (elderly, children, homeless) and cultural integration.

Host organization will provide food allowance – 480 PLN per month (around 100 euro).

For more information check here ➡ INFOPACK 

Contact us: 
Email eurosudngo@gmail.com
Mobile:+39 3398659954
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/172127159615558


eurosudThe project has already begun in October and it will last 10 months.

The volunteer will work in  two youth centers for children living in families with social problems (one center is in Swarzęd and the other one in Gruszczyn) and in Senior Center in Swarzęd.

Volunteers will contribute to the organization of various activities for children, young people and the elderly such as: sports activities, educational activities (for emotions, conflict resolution, assertiveness, prevention of alcohol and drugs, knowledge of human relations, etc.). They will take a part also in artistic activities, cooking classes, helping to do homework.


  • The host organization will provide a food allowance – 480 PLN per month (about 112 euros).
  • Every day youth centers pupils prepare a small meal – the volunteer will be invited to eat with the students.
    The voluntary allowance is 85 euros per month. It will be paid at the beginning of each month. The first allowance will be paid on the day after arrival of the volunteer.
  • The host organization provides a monthly bus for public transport between Poznan and Swarzedz, Gruszczyn.
  • Twice a week for two or three hours – Polish language lessons (Polish language course for foreigners, organized by the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań). You can have additional Polish lessons with volunteers from Poland.
  • The host organization will provide accommodation in the student dormitory  (Swarzędz is located in a suburban area near Poznan).

Contact us: 
Email eurosudngo@gmail.com
Mobile:+39 3398659954
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/172127159615558




EUROSUD search for one volunteer from Italy for long term (12 months) volontary in Bulgary from 1st of October.

Service description and activities:

The activities proposed in the project allows volunteers to participate in more specific subactivities related to their interests and abilities. Sub-actions in three areas (entertainment, educational and practical) and strive to realize the main objectives:eurosud

  • support for disadvantaged groups / people with disabilities;
  • promotion of activities and EVS;
  • to develop areas of information, sensitivity to;
  • the topic and the formation of good pratice;
  • volunteers to build their autonomy;
  • to give volunteers a new way of life;
  • to increase self-esteem, self confidance, and its fuctions;
  • providing opportunities for training and education for young people intrested in social sphere;
  • work with project;
  • develop communication skills and presentation skills;
  • working with youth;
  • learn new language;
  • to discover new culture and country.

How to apply?

Send us your CV and motivation letter in English, before 25 September 2017 at our adress: eurosudngo@gmail.com