eurosudArt and Culture for Advancing Gender Equality is an exchange of young people that aims to provide tools for expressing through the art of youth, the dialogue on gender equality.

Where? La Vancelle (France, nearby Strasbourg)

When? From Friday 8 December (arrival day) to 11 December (departure day) 2017

General objectives:

The main objective of the project is to stimulate and promote gender equality for young Europeans from 7 different countries (France, Italy, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Portugal) in an intercultural and secure environment.  The exchange  will be the basis for further initiatives and cooperation in the field of creative work and human rights. We would like to collect a balanced group from the point of view of the kind with interest for the cultural sector expression and active citizenship.

Working languages: English and French



eurosud33 participants from 11 countries: Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, Egypt, Georgia and Bulgaria  will take a part in “Global Responisibilty Education” in Plovdiv , Bulgaria.

The program is directed to person with following profile:

  • age over 20;
  • occupation: teachers, youth workers, NGO leaders and staff members, university students, active volunteers in youth NGO’s;
  • proven experience as a trainer/facilitator in formal or informal training sessions for young people;
  • fluent in English.

Goals of the training:

  • to create a qualified team of trainers trained in Global Resposibility Education;
  • to introduce GRE learning methods;
  • to encourage creativity, responsibility and civil consciousness of young people through sharing and exchange best pratices in GRE with their peers;
  • to build capacity of the parnter organizations and other stakeholders reached within the lifetime of the project to provide GRE to pupils and young people in their countries.



eurosudThis projects is powered by EUROSUD and GEYC under Erasmus + programme and it will take place in small city near Bari –  Bisceglie in Italy, from 2 (arrival day) to 8 (departure day) of December. The project is dedicated to 30 youth workers from 8 different countries.

“E+QUALITY Week: Improving Project Management Competences in Youth Work” is a 6-day mobility for youth workers which will take place in Puglia, a region currently facing challanges such as youth unemplyment, economic and refugge crisis. The current Erasmus + Period 2014-2020 holds lots of opportunities to fund innovative ideas and projects in order to adress these issues, however these opportunities are not always realised. The project is the result of a common need for qualified staff and know-how on quality assessment tools of E+ projects.

The project’s main objectives are:

  • to improve youth workers’ project management skills, thus responding to high demand for qualified staff who can implement successful E+ projects that really make a difference in their communities;
  • to develop their competence in planning, implementing, monitoring and assessing the quality of training course;
  • to encourage the participants to share insights and best practices reagrding training courses’ quality, thus broadening understanding of pratices, policies and system in youth work across countries;
  • to foster collaboration at European level, within Erasmus + framework, between NGOs in order to increase the capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernisation and international opening and to find reliable partners for future collaborations.

Application deadline (24h CET): 10 October 2017 Date of selection: 20 October 2017




eurosudDate: 12 (arrival day) – 19 (departure day) November
Place: Sofia, Bulgaria
Number of participants: 30 (between 18-30 years old)

The international seminar to be held in Sofia will meet the need to infrom young people how the EU iworks and the rights and obligations the EU citizenship brings in order to provide young people with knowledge and skills for active participation in the democratic life of the union. The political, social, economic and cultural aspects that the seminar addresses will contribute to shape a vision how to strengthen European democracy and reaffirm the concept of active European citizenship.

Panel discussions, working groups, lectures, plenary sessions, simulation games and information market will be some of the methods used to debate these issues.
The rich social program will enable the participants to explore the night life in Sofia, enjoy horse ride in Vitosha mountain and see the Rila Monastery, one of the most significant and picturesque monuments on the Balkans, part of UNESCO book of world heritage.



We search for motivated youth workers, support persons, social workers, educators and NGO representatives who are working in youth filed about social inclusion and EVS. We want begginers in this field and people with less experience. Participants must be over 18.


Where? Liepaja Region, Latvia

When? 13-23 October

Aims of the course:

  • develop skills and knowledges as key competences in the social inclusion education, using non-formal education methods as main tool;
  • use creative and innovative approaches in social inclusion education;
  • promoting inclusion, using EVS as tool;
  • use group work and outdoor methods as best learning approaches.

Methodology: All training course will be based on non formal education approaches. Main idea – learning by doing. We are going to share common problems and similarities in our countires, share best examples and learn from each other.

Training course will be carried out in English language. The project has 16 partner organizations from Latvia, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Poland and Bulgaria.



eurosudProject “NO LIMITS”, cosisting of a seminar and a training course, is aimed at comprehensive defining and understanding the phenomena of inclusion and diversity, as well as learning, exchanging and adapting tools and methods of youth work, to enable opeartion in line with the Erasmus + Inclusion and Diversity Strategy – in the field of youth, and other documents of the EU key for the topic.

For who? The project is designed for workers and co-workers of partner organizations from 10 European countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Italy, Romania, UK, Macedonia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland. The project will be run with tools and methods of non-formal education.

 Date: The seminar was implemented from 4th to 11th February 2017 in Dajkovo in Croatia, while the training course will take place from May 28th to June 5th in Krzyżowa in Poland.

The project aims to:

  • promote the Erasmus + Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and its strenghten its meaning to youth work in Europe;
  • to learn and exchange good practices of activities aimed at fostering social inclusion;
  • to learn the Eramus + programme as a platform of support of Europe;
  • strenghten network of youth NGOs in Europe.



eurosud“Refugges Integration against Discrimination (R.I.D)” is prepared to respond to particulary relevant for the moment topic related to the integration of beneficiares of refugee status people on the territory of Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, Germany, Macedonia, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia specifically and other countries in Europe and Asia.

The arrival of refugees in the EU and partner countires of the community confronts many difficulties and challanges for the youth workers working with refugees. Under current treaties granted refugee or humanitarian status individuals should recive support from the country that sheltred them. It is in these processes, national governments, active NGOs and voluntary organizations will rely on the experience and competence of the youth workers. For those reasons Bulgarian Youth Forum togheter with its partners , decided to implement this project which aims to train youth workers and exchange the best practices for working with young refugees to achive thei better integration into the European community.

The project will take place in Belogradchik in Bulgaria between 21-29 of August, involving 32 youth workers from 8 countires.




eurosudSMILE – Summer Mobility for Inclusion through Laugh and Expression-has been born from the effort of the young people involved in ASPAYM Castilla y León and the crucial support of the workers of the entity. It is a project ran by youngsters for youngsters directed towards the social inclusion through diverse skills such as corporal expression, music, dance, laughter therapy, theater… Human beings need ways to communicate their feelings emotions and thoughts without language. Using the body to express emotions develop the artistic skills, imagination and creativity of the youngsters as well as the interaction between participants.

Aims of the project:

The main purpose of the project is the promotion of the inclusion of youngsters with lack of opportunities (people with functional diversion, refugees, youngsters from rural zones…) as well as supporting the active participation of the youth, the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes towards the personal growth and youth empowerment. The project also wants to provide means to the cooperation, inclusive learning and intercultural exchange through non-formal education. This formation will be recognized with the Youthpass certificate and will have a positive impact on the participants and their environment.

Participant’s profile:

The principal activity is thought to bring together a total of 60 participants, including care givers and instructors.

The exchange is addressed to people between 16 and 30 years old.

Dates: The project will be realized from 22th to 30th of August in  Cubillos del Sil, León in Spain.



The aim of the project is to increase the active citizenship of youth with focus on social participation in the community and volunteering; exercise project management skills in order to support the boost of community projects and activities in the participants’ realities and provide the participants with participatory methods which they can use in order to motivate the youth and engage them with the local community and environment.

Our objectives are:
(1) Explore the term of active citizenship and social participation and find out together about methods, actions, events which can boost the participation and active citizenship of the youth and accompany them with practical examples when and where they can be used.

(2) Emphasize volunteering as way of active participation in the community life as well as worthy tool for self-development by meeting with volunteers and getting to know their experience as well by setting own way in which the participants can via volunteering develop themselves and community.

(3) Provide the participants with project management skills. We want them to practice the project logic and project management both theoretically and practically on real examples and issues from their environment.

(4) Meet the representatives of running community projects in Brno, find out about the context, aims and also processes of their projects and learn from them practical approaches how to communicate with the locals and how to motivate them and engage them to the project.

(5) Analyse problems which the participants and their communities face, explore the resources and create action plan on which the participants will apply the know-how they achieved from the local activists and also they will practice their project management skills.

(6) Test the new skills in practice already in Czech Republic. Create together one day action plan with interaction and cooperation with local youth.

Download the infopack here: Youth Activator – Make it Happen – Infopack


Project “Interact to Grow” consists of one activity – training course for youth workers and local leaders. The training will be implemented in Krzyżowa , Poland, from 25th of September to 2nd of October 2017. 28 participants of the project will come from 8 European countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, and Italy).

Objectives of the project are to empower youth organisations in Europe to include young people with disabilities, who form Europe’s biggest minority group, into their actions by providing them with the right attitudes (by challenging them to explore and understand different forms of disabilities) and tools for practical work (by sharing good practices, resources, and finally by creating and adopting tools they use to meet specific needs of this group of young people).

The project is a direct answer to needs of partner organisations and to needs of youth in Europe in general and comes from our experience and discussed needs. Our idea is to make the training a turning point for partner organisations, allowing inclusion of youth people with disabilities at the same level as those without special needs in their actions.



Main aim of the exchange is “to promote the use of food and cuisine as an instrument to create intercultural understanding in the hopes of improving interactions and tolerance, to enjoy diversity of the nations and cultures.”

International youth exchange gathering young people with interest in gastronomy, food, diplomacy and getting to know other cultures through their cuisines.Food is a universally vital part of our lives, representing history, traditions, and culture. Each of us relies on food not only to survive, but to comfort ourselves, communicate with others, and connect us to our forebears. The power and connection of food and nationalism leads us to consider the potential of using this link as a tool of intercultural education and understanding. During the youth exchange we will work with the concept, which is here called ‘culinary diplomacy’, as the  use of food and cuisine as an instrument to create cross -cultural understanding in the hope of improving interactions and cooperation. The art of meeting with  young people from different countries and envoys with one’s national cuisine is as old as youth exchanges themselves (mainly through the intercultural evenings),  but as a non – formal method in youth work to conduct diplomacy it is still new and relatively untested. During the exchange we will explore, however, its popular ity is spreading and there is potential for greatly expanded use in the future of intercultural education and understanding. During the exchange, we will explore this concept, we will share our cuisines and impact of the food on the cultures and history of the countries. We will have also possibility to try cooking different foods and to share it with the local people from differ ent communities. The main parts of this activity are focused on the food, gastronomy and gastrodiplomacy . Food brings people together. Throughout time, national cuisines have spread organically through migration, trade routes, and globalization. Others have been  deliberately packaged and delivered to foreign audiences — both by state and non – state actors — as a means of expressing a country’s culture and values. This  form of cultural diplomacy, whether deliberate or unintentional, has been coined “gastrodiplomacy.” Gastrodiplomacy is the practice of sharing a country’s cultural heritage through food. Countries such as South Korea, Peru, Thailand, and Malaysia have recognized the seductive qualities food can have, and are  everaging this unique medium of cultural diplomacy to increase trade, economic investment, and tourism, as well as to enhance soft power. Gastrodiplomacy offers foreign publics the opportunity to engage with other cultures through food, often from a distance. This form of edible nation branding is a growing trend in public  diplomacy. We will connect the exchange also with the Festival dobrej chuti (Festival of the Good Taste) in Presov, which will be organized in 2017 from 8th till 10th September. We had the meetings with the organizers and they are very open to this, they will also include us into the program of the festival with any activity what we will bring together with our partners. This festival has every year about 12000 visitors which gives a great chance for the project and for the Erasmus + program to be well presented to the big amount of the people. We want to make a good promotion to the program because we strongly believe that youth mobility is eyes-opening and that it stronger the chances f young people for better life. There will be also a very good media coverage for the festival and therefore also for the project.



” Curious Bright Silence” (CBrightS) is a continuation of the project “Curious Loud Silence”. These two projects are intended to analyze and understand the different ways of communication. The first project was pondered to the visual communication, and this project analyzes the sound by itself and sound communication.


“Curious Bright Silence” is the youth exchange. This youth exchange project will take place for 7 days in a cozy town –Trakai. The project will involve a group of 35young people from the Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Italy and Lithuania.

Project activities: various seminars (about communication in general; new and currently common types of technologies and programs for: communication, sound recording and sound mounting), which will help participants discover the targeting of the information seekingand usage. The information gathered wouldbe used in open-aircreative activities: improvisations, during sound cognitive activities, during communication analysis activities, during practical activities for sounds of nature discoveries, during audio clips development, during communication, and analyzing cultural differences, etc.).

Basic information:

  • Duration: 7days +2 travel days (participants are expected to arrive on 30thof Augustand to leave on 7rdof September);
  • Days of activities: 31/08/2017 -06/09/2017;
  • The place where the exchanges take place: Trakai district, Lithuania;
  • Groups: 6participants+1 group leader;
  • Language: English.

Profile of participants:

  • Age: 18–26 (if under 18 or between 27and 30 let us know);
  • Gender balance in your groups are required;
  • Participants could be related or interested in sound, music, communication, media and IT;
  • ERASMUS+ is a program, which supports disadvantage young people. We would like to make this project open for these young people with fewer opportunities. Please, do not hesitate to include the people with fewer opportunities into your group;
  • We cannot accept persons as participants, who are in the European Voluntary Service (EVS).

For more information check here ➡ INFOPACK


eurosudDuring the project there will be activities esspecially about ”what is violance inside family”, ”The kinds of violance inside family”, ”Protection ways” and ”things need to be done and the awareness of the participants will be raised. All activities are decided and planed with all participants. Participants took democratic place by planning of the project and prepared it all together. By choosing the leaders from young generation we aim to give chanche to youngsters and barrier possible generation difference at the project.

All activities will include youngsters from each country and thats why the borders between youngsters will disappear and and thier prejudice will decrease. Youngsters are going to take activ place at all activities and activ learning method, apllied education, discussion, question-answer, brain storming, effective learning, visual and auditory education methods will all be used so the methods fill thier own missing parts.

Project will be 2th-10th July 2017 with 7 participants (1 leader+6 participant) per country. Age between 18-30. Place: Gaziantep / Turkey.

Read more ➡ INFOPACK


eurosudThrough this training course we will be giving competencies to youth workers on how to educate young people in starting their businessand also how to be more entrepreneurial through their respective NGOs. After the training course the youth workers would be more equipped for preparing the young people in their community to face this issue of starting a business themselves.

One great positive outcome is that once the knowledge is transferred from the youth workers to the young people, the young people will have better support system and guidance towards the right support needed to start up a business venture that has the possibility of growing more in the future and thus employing more people within the same society.

Goals: Linked to the Europe 2020 strategy our project is focused on two of the ambitious goals which are employment and education. According to the objectives of Erasmus + programme we want to enhance creativity and innovation, through entrepreneurial methods and improve the quality and efficiency of education and training, while decreasing unemployment.

eurosudPrisms Malta  (the hosting organization) will be carrying out this project in collaboration with 8 other partner organisations, Slovenia, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy. Each organization will be sending 3 youth workers.


  • To improve learning performance;
  • To improve leadership skills;
  • Show what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to manage risk taking;
  • To enhance employability and improve career prospects;
  • To increase sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
  • To increase self-empowerment;
  • Risk management;
  • Time management;
  • To get better awareness of the European project and the EU values;
  • To increase motivation for taking part in future education or training after the mobility period abroad.

Methodology: All the planned activities will be using non-formal methods of education to implement the sessions. The sessions will be using methods like, Energizers, Team building, simulations, workshops, on-site visits and discussions amongst others.

Prisms Malta

More information about and the application form you will find ➡ HERE



Dates:​ 20.08 – 27.8.2017
Venue:​ Prague, Czech Republic
Participants:​ Spain, BiH, Greece, Serbia, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic
Number of participants:​ 30 (5 from each country)
Age :​ 18+

The project “Euroployment: Build your professional identity” is a one-week youth exchange which takes into account current situation of yoth uneployment in the selected European regions and seek solutions fot its improvement. The project aims is increasing competitivness of young participants in the labor market, raises their awareness of personal development and career opportunities for young people in Europe, provides them space to openly discuss causes of youth unemployment in Europe and motivate them to seek solutions.

eurosudThe project helps the participants in building their own professional idenity and raising their own value in the current labor market situation. The project motivates the participants to pursue their own personal development, to gain useful skills and to increase their own confidence. Furthermore, the project supports intercultural exchange and reflection that helps create awarness of a common European issue.

The outcome of theproject is the definiton of specific problems that cause a miss in the labor market in each of the countries and creating professional identity for all participants regarding their individual professinal goals.

Participants should speak English fluently. Within the selection process, student, young people not later than 3 years after their graduation or unemployed candidates are highly prefered.



eurosudNowadays, digital skills are essentail in almost all fileds. The difference between today and ten years ago is the raise of social technologies that made possible innovative forms, such as self-branding. The issue is that youth represents a quarter of the world’s workforce, but they also represent half of the unemployment population around the world.
Media Creator project (consis of phases) is developing  practical and innovative digital skills that employers and clients are looking after, involving youth directly as media creators.

Date: 13 – 22 July 2017
Location: London, UK
Age: +18
4 participants +1 group leader/country: Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, UK

The profile of participants: 
The background of participants is youth (18-30 years old +1 leader with unlimited age) that are unemployed and are willing to self-develop in order to be hired or pursue an enterpreneurial path of that are still under construction of their personal branding and identity.

Methodology is a combination of:

  • “learning by experience” – learning from experiencing different activities and putting them into practice;
  • “learning to play, playing to learn” – connected with learning through games, from actions and playful environment;
  • “media practices” – heaving youth as a media practices.

Find out all information here ➡ INFOPACK


eurosudThe international youth exchange project titled is “Youth Summer Olympiad Games” will proceed in Kayseri (Turkey) on July 2017. In this youth cooperation project will take a part young people from Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, Italyy and Spain.

The aim: the main aim of the project is gaining information about different sports and olympiads.

Project topic: active youth work togheter during the creative activities. Project will last 7 days and will participate 7 young people and 1 group of leader from each country.

Our goal is to guide the youth for them to have their leisure times efficiently rather than being involved in unnecessary technological devices that cause them anti social individuals. We would like to come togheter with our youth as partner and provide them to gain a sports habit by doing so many sports activities. With the olympic games we would like to do, we are going to both get to know each other closely  and share the effects that sports put over us. We are going to get the opportunity to learn and join many activities with the youth such a water sports, horse riding, volleyball, archery and tennis.



Host organization: Societatea Naţională de Cruce Roşie din România Filiala Suceava [Romanian Red Cross –Suceava Branch]
Days of training: 02 June –9 June 2017  (arrival – 01 June 2017; departure – 9 June after 18:00)
Location of training: Gura Humorului, Suceava county, ROMANIA
Countries involved: Romania, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, Former YugoslavRepublic of Macedonia
Main topic: Human rights
Language of training: English

eurosudThe project “I am HUMAN, I have RIGHTS! ” aims to bring together 25 youth workers from 7 countries in order to develop their knoledge on human rights in an innovative way through non-formal education. The project is coordinated by the National Red Cross Society from Romania, Suceava branch and has as partners 6 NGO’s from Italy, Croatia, Denmark, Lithuania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Poland.

In the current international context, the promotion and protection of human rights becomes an activity that requires the active involvement of young people. The great number of people who fall victim to human trafficking and refugee issues is clear evidence of the international changes that we must keep up and to which we must adapt to protect the individual’s fundamental rights.

.In this training, youth leaders will gain knowledge about the human rights topic, their promotion and protection. The training aims at deepening an innovative approach to violations of these rights in the case of human trafficking and refugee issues. In addition to collecting and consolidating knowledge, participants will be involved in making a motivational video that they will use in promoting human rights and will elaborate ways of working on this issue.

Profile of participants:

  • youth worker;
  • involved in activities with young people;
  • intrested about the topic;
  • availability to attend full training;
  • English speaker;
  • commited to use the knowledge they gain in their future activity and multiplu the results of the training.



eurosudThe TC “Find your balance through Parkour” will be implemented in Greece. The purpose is to get people aware of the topic. This project is a work of active organizations that believe the future is on Youth activity and health. We decide to unite these expert organizations and make this project, in order to promote a common educational program of Parkour using video as a tool, but firstly – what is Parkour?

Parkour is a method of physical training that develops one’s ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). It involves movement that helps, if one is in an emergency situation. The underpinning concept of this philosophy is the altruism and the use of strength, of longevity, of self-improvement and of self-understanding. The skills of Parkour don’t apply to an urban environment only, they can be utilized anywhere, in a forest, in a desert, on a mountain etc. It is not just the way you move that makes you a practitioner of Parkour, but the movement combined with the philosophy that defines Parkour.

In this TC, 24 people will participate from different countries, which practice Parkour professionally and they are members of Parkour Federation. We are going to prepare good and useful education materials about the origin and history of Parkour. All participants should be motivated, experienced and ready forwork.


  • To create educational platform with a common educational material for different countries, these material will be videorecorded;
  • To collect methods and ways of Parkour education from differentcountries;
  • To develop new skills inParkour;
  • To collect information about prevention accidents inParkour;
  • To exchange skills, knowledge and technical competences of Parkour education, from differentcountries;
  • To create a practical tool, like a video guide, that will be developed by the participants during the project. This will help Youth to promote the healthy life-style of Parkour.
  • To tell more about Parkour as a tool of mental and physicaldevelopment;
  • To help future Parkourers to use correct way ofeducation.
  • To teach the young people the basic tools in videography, how to work with the materials and how to prepare educationmaterials;
  • To share and create professional social campaigns strategies about healthy life-style using tools and knowledge about video making etc.

Participant’s profile:

Participants should be 18 years old and over.
The TC will involve people who are strongly interested to get new skills and knowledge and who are ready to share their own experience and create together, with the trainers and the group, new methodologies and tools of strong promotion in social and sport area and in personal development. To let participants to feel the whole picture, i.e. to see the different level of power and the need of sport, healthy life style at local, national and internationallevel.



The main objectives of the project include the following:

  • Social inclusion the EU youth strategy of young people with the increase of;
  • To promote European cooperation in the youth field;
  • The quality of support systems for youth activities and contribute to the development of the capacities of civil society organisations in the youth field;
  • Strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation among young people who live in different countries,
  • Young people often awareness of active citizenship, in particular, promote the development of a sense of European citizenship;
  • ERASMUS+ young people informed about the programme and successful projects to take the place of dialogue, cooperation and Information Network allow for the creation of,
  • Disabled and disadvantaged young people to play a more active role for such projects,allowing you to;
  • To increase the capacity of youth work and youth workers perform;
  • Among young people using Informal training methods is designated as the network of information.

eurosudAs a result of our project, the participants will acquire knowledge ofhumanrights; will understand better the importance of peace and integrity in regards to the globalization. Our aim is to find new solutions and offer suggestions to the refugee crisis,which has become a huge humanitarian issue, which ensured bringing up suggestions, to engage participants in initiatives as to submit the suggestions to the relevant departments on local and international level. Another purpose of our project is emphasized on the role of those who suffer from wars in the society, to show them that it is our human duty to help them and that we will commit this duty in every region, we can reach. Furthermore : to ensure participants to explore cultural differences, to support them in their communication amongst youths, to boost their self-esteem and to improve their entrepreneurship features, the participants will be able to be active in our trainings and to make new friendships as long as strengthen them , to overcome prejudices. To realize that, while bringing into question the international problems, Erasmus + is also an instructive.

Methods: Formal education methods, group dynamics, games, brainstorming, discussion, case analysis, presentation, individual work, team work, such as project development methods will be used.



eurosudProject powered by SOF Italy and Erasmus + programme will take place in Biscegelie, Italy from 06 to11  April 2017 (05th April is arrival day, 12th April is departure day). The project will gather representatives of youth centersand organizations working with youth from Italy, Croatia, Malta, Greece, Poland, Romania and Germany.

Youth Exchange “MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO”is the result of a shared visions among all the partners involved and aimed towards bringing a group of youths together in order to take a look at this Europe’s nowadays environmental issuesas well as to discuss and brainstorm different solutions.

One of the greatest problems that the world is facing today is that of environmental pollution, increasing with every passing year and causing grave and irreparable damage to the earth.According to the World Health Organization pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting over 100 million people. That’s comparable to global diseases like malaria and HIV. Photography is a creative way of raising awareness and an excellent tool for expressing the ecological issues that affect our environment. This project will not only highlight the existing eco-problems, but it will also encourage people, especially youngsters to search for an ecologically helpful solution.

eurosudThe project’s main objective is to include the youngsters in the pressing environmental matterand to inspire them to engage in its improvementby raising awareness in their communities. The youngsterswill be encouraged to express their view on the ecological problem through pictures that will be taken by them and presented at onlineexhibit.

“MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO”will enable the youth to meet with people their age, discuss the environmental problems and also seek for creative and effective ways to resolve this issue. Meanwhile,by non-formal learning, they will improve their English, be introduced to the benefits that the Erasmus + program is offering, meet youngsters from other countries and expand their horizons which will eventually be a very useful benefit in their struggle for a better position in this competitive world that we live in.Using photography as a learning tool will give young people ”voice” and motivate them to protect the environment of their own countries and across Europe.

Four young people(18-25 years old)and agroup leader( no age limit) coming from 7 different programme countries, namelyMalta, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Romania , Greece and Germany,for a total of 36 young participants will spend sixdays in south of Italy living together and participating in several workshops that will be conducted usingnon-formal methods of education.

Participant’s profile –  In order to be eligible participant, candidates would need to have the following profile:

  • Be aged 18-25, for group leader no age limit;
  • Have experience as a project coordinator or in a NGO working with young people, or involved in a social initiative or a youth movement(for the group leader only);
  • Have basic informationin field of environmental issues in your own country and youth participation in environment protection;
  • Interesting in using photography as a tool to raise awareness in this topic;
  • Good level of English to follow the activitiesand to contribute to it;
  • Able toparticipate fully in the event and be able to live and work in intercultural and international environment.

Read more about the project here ➡ INFOPACK



eurosudThe hosting organization: United Societies of Balkans (U.S.B.) is a non-­profit,non-­governmental organization based in Thessaloniki, Greece working in the field of youth mobility, participation and facilitating youth awareness about social issues. It was founded in 2008 by the inception of group of young active people who wanted to adress the social issues which affect the youngsters in Balkans and Eastern Europe. The vision of the organization is the promotion of youth mobility, youth involvement and  participation, voluntarism and human rights.

Description of the project:

The youth exchange explores the concepts of the citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular and active participation of young people in social, economic and political life. The project tackles the issues of declined trends of social, economic and political engagement of citizen on national and European level, low trust in democratic institutions and representatives, little or no interest and knowledge of citizen’s rights and obligations, partial understanding of work and role of EU institutions and decision-making process in Union. The youth exchange addresses and raises awareness about all of these issues and educates, motivates and equip young people with competences to take active part in democratic life and decision-making processes on local, national and European level.

eurosudThe YE provides and inroduces tools on how to be more active citizen, encourages and equips participants with knowledge and skills to run their own activities on these topics, clarifies the work and role of EU institutions. promotes international cooperation in the youth field, fosters mutual understanding and strong intercultural learning for participants.


The group of youth exchange consists of 56 young people (18-27 years old) and youth leaders (over 18 years old), residents in their countries of the sending organizations, coming from different national, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrouds. Each partner organization will send group of 6 people consisting 5 young persons and 1 group leader. Group leaders should have some experience in facilitating NFE workshops and be willing to lead some of the activities.



Place: Gombori, Georgia from 19 to 28 May

eurosudSummary of the project:

Adventure to Liveis a stimulating outdoor campthat gives participants several inputs related to healthy lifestyle and outdoor practices. Objectives of the youth exchange include, but are not limited to increased respect and care towards their health;the experience and importance of being in nature as an important component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; stretching of the mind, body and sociality; motivation and input in reflecting on one’s personal level of lifestyle and competencies in outdoor activities. We will show participants that, without special lessons and lectures, it is possible to gain competencies on how to live well with the help of outdoor activities, while enforcing the will of youngsters in enrolling in healthy lifestyle practices and outdoor activity and to become promoters of these among their personal and professional networks.

Activities will vary from group to individual, from moving to staying, from practical to talkative, in order to satisfy all learning styles and to stimulate participants completely. Participants will be considered an active part of the project and will be protagonist of its realization.This call is exclusivefor the Youth Exchange in Georgia.

“Stay Healthier Outside”is a two-stage project that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among youth workers (training course) and youngsters (youth exchange) coming from the EU (Italy, Romania, Turkey, Poland) and the EECA region (Lebanon, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia).

“ADVENTURE TO LIVE” is an intensive and stimulating outdoor campthat gives participants several inputs related to healthy lifestyle and outdoor initiatives and practices. Objectives of the youth exchange include:

  • Increase of respectand care toward health;
  • Experienceand importance of being in contact with nature and the environment as a means for feeding a healthy lifestyle;
  • Stretchingof mind, body and sociality;
  • Motivationand input in reflecting on personal level of lifestyle and competencies in outdoor activities;
  • To show participants that without special lessons and lectures it is possible to developcompetencies on how to live well through appreciation of nature and interacting in the natural environment;
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle practices through outdoor activity, and to become a promoter of these among their personal and professional networks;
  • Promotion of inter cultural curiosity and appreciation of diversity;
  • Stretching of personal limits in order to self-develop;
  • For group leaders, development of facilitation competencies);
  • Opportunityto learn and share participants’ experiences in the field of healthand outdoors.

More information about the project and the application form you can find here ➡ INFOPACK


Project date: 21 – 28 February 2017Place:  Kahramanmaraş -TURKEY
Participants age: 16 – 28 years old /  no age limit for group leader

eurosudProject objectives:

Our participants are between 16-28 years old. Our projects will be in Kahramanmaraş center with Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania between 21.02.2017 and 28.02.20176 participants from each country will participate to our project. Turkish participants are 8 people. Most of people who will participate our project will be chosen from disadvantaged category, Turkish participants are included our project from financially limited youth in our group. Total number of our project is 32.ProjectObjectives:Our project, which is interested in environmental issues, environmental pollution and the pollution’s causes, is written for solution process and wanted to have carry into effect. We wanted to add an international dimension thanks to local environmental activities and also education and sanction for people who harm the environment. Likewise, it will include workshops which will help to decrease cultural fears, will contribute to spend time better and develop themselves for our yout. Thanks toour project, our youth’s awareness for environment will increase and our youth will understand that we have to protect the environment and nature. Solving these problems is aimed with different ideas by adding international dimension. In addition, our project will help them to discover cultural differences, improve interpersonal communication, use their time well, contribute their self-confidence, entrepreneurship skills, being active and bond of friendship by activities which we will make, overcome the prejudices and support to bond of friendship between countries, write European projects and introduce National Agency, become self-aware about European citizenship by workshops and activities and it will support their personal development.

Project activities: 

  • Make teamwork,
  • Organize training to writing Erasmus+ project,
  • Make activities about solution for environmental issues (more details in our activity form),
  • Enterprises to gain awareness,
  • Visit government agency,
  • Planting trees activity,
  • Communication with people through street interview,
  • Visual effects through theatre.



Project powered by EUROSUD under Eramus + programme.

eurosudThe project will gather representatives of youth centersand organizations working with youth from Italy, France, Croatia, Malta, Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt. The activities will be hosted in Bisceglie(Metropolitan area of Bari), Italy from 1. to 7. March 2017.

Youth Exchange “EUROPE MEETS EUROMED” is the result of a shared visions and aimed towards bringing a group of youths together in orderto take a look at the various reasons that can lead to conflicts ensuing as well as to discuss and brainstorm different solutions to lessen the amount of conflicts that break out. In doing this, us youth will have a chance to voice our own opinions and take a more active role in society. We will discuss how conflicts on a social, national, regional and international level affect us and how we can come together to counteract the negative effects of such conflicts.

Five young people and a leader coming from8 different partner countries (4 MEDA, 3 EU members and one pre-accession state), namelyFrance, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Malta, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine andup to 40 young participants and 8 leaders will spend seven days in south of Italy living together and participating in several workshops that will be conducted making use of the non-formal method of education.

The group,that will be composed of youngsters coming from very different backgrounds,will be discussing the various similarities and differences that exist between our respective countries, the different issues that we face in our everyday lives, how they are currently dealt with and how they can be dealt with. We will not only be discussing the similarities and differences that exist in relation to our daily lives in our nation states, but we will also be sharing examples of good practices.

Participant’s profile:
To allow the training course, the participants would need to have the following profile:

  • At least basic knowledge of the role of youth work in processes of social change;
  • Knowledge of the situation of young people in the own country and of the specific work interest for establishing local or international movement/initiatives dedicated to anti-discrimination for and with young people to show and to let young people feel that on local level xenophobia, anti-Semitismand any other prejudices can be tackled by them;
  • Work experience as a project coordinator or manager in a NGO working with young people;
  • Involved in management and planning processes within an NGO, a social initiative or a youth movement;
  • Motivation to take part in a mutual learning process in a very intercultural setting;
  • Good level of English to follow the course and to contribute to it;
  • Wish and ability toparticipate fully in the event and be able to live and work in intercultural and international environment.

For more information check here ➡ INFOPACK and APLICATION FORM

Feel free to contact us: eurosudngo@gmail.com