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A sincere merry & peaceful Christmas to you all! Happy winter holidays and a great start into this brand new year!

Thanks to everyone who volunteered with EUROSUD ,participated in our local and international projects and supported our small organization to grow!

We are looking forward to many new and exciting projects and challenges in this upcoming 2018!!





Sadly,time run so fast and also this training is behind.

The international training course EQUALITY WEEK has just ended, after 6 days of intense workshops , sessions and exchange of knowledge.
The project gathered representatives from Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malta and Romania.

In the beautiful pilgrim house of Bisceglie from 2th till 7th December around 30 participants from 9 different countries discussed on how improve their key competences regarding project management and assessing quality but also their pro-active attitude, the ability to transfer this know-how to their colleagues and put it into practice.

Great involvement of the participants
All the participants were very active during the course, and widely contributed to its success, by bringing up their ideas, researches and aspirations. Experienced trainers from Romania , social workers from Malta, IT/event managers from Italybut also young journalists and graphic designers from Spain were fully involved in the project and in the spreading of its achievement.

Learning projects like this keep making waves even after the last day, and the motivation and enthusiasm of participants will hopefully turn into concrete actions.
No more words to describe that it has been a wonderful experience that kept in mind and never forget in the life because more then simply participants, we are human beings with our emotions and feelings.

Soon will be released the booklet with all the information related to the project and activities.

#EPlusQualityEUROSUDAgenzia Nazionale Giovani – ANGErasmus+#GEYC



EUROSUD initiated its last project for the year, which is dedicated to the development of the competence related to the planning, implementing, monitoring and assessing the quality of Erasmus+ training courses.

On the first day, 1st December, we welcomed the participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Italy, Malta, Romania, and Spain.

The organizers of the project took care to make the stay of the participants as pleasurable as possible. At the first half of the day, we created funny flipcharts, name for the rooms… and then picked everyone from the station of Bisceglie to our accommodation for the next seven days.

Participants were tired but excited to be in Italy and to participate in the project. After dinner, we had our first activity in order to create a strong and united team from the very beginning. We had two activities dedicate to the name and the origin of the participants.

“I am looking forward for the next days in order to learn some useful tools I can apply on my everyday life.” – said Anna from Italy

After the introductive session, the participants were free to have a good sleep before the first full day of activities!


Also representatives from EUROSUD and the University of Bari Foreign Students’ Association took part in the radio marathon “Parole contro la violenza” in the beautiful courtyard of the University of Bari Aldo MoroImage may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes, beard and outdoor

No Hate Speech Movement Italia #noallodio #nohatespeech

Among the poems that have been read, we can recall:

Elisaveta Bagriana – Interieur
Ohizzy- Let’s stop violence against girls and women
Maya Angelou – Still I rise
Wisława Szymborska – L’odio


A FREE lab that aims to understand the basic concepts for the formulation of a business model, starting with the Business Model Canvas: starting with needs analysis, to deepen the concept of Offered Value and Target.

The meeting will be facilitated by Spazio Spin, Spazio di Progettazione per l’Innovazione. The workshop will be an opportunity to meet and create synergies among participants, with moments of confrontation and sharing.

University of Baro “Aldo Moro” Balab, Ex Palace of the Post.
The lab will be structured as follows:
– 09.30 – 10.30 Introduction to the Business Model Canvas
Coffee break
– 11.00 pm Workshop: from need to business idea
– Lunch Break offered by the EUROSUD
– 13.30 14.30 Review and presentation of the project in plenary
Coffee break
– 15.00 16.00 Presentation of the KA2 NET NEET / A NETWORK FOR NEET MOBILITY project
– 16.00 World Café Session
– Conclusions
Participation is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.  Reservation is required by filling in the following link:


Taking part in the training course „EVS Pro“, in Switzerland between 23rd and 29th October 2017.

The training course is designed to support staff of EVS/LTV projects – coordinators and supervisors.

Learning more about ways and practical approaches of organizing and implementing long term volunteering projects with high quality.

Powered by SCI Switzerland (Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera)


Yesterday (09.10) we have attended the meeting about European Solidarity Corps, organized in Rome by the Italian National Agency for Youth. Together with many other Italian organizations, we have discussed about the future of the volunteering programs for Youth in Europe from 2018.

Agenzia Nazionale Giovani – ANG


EUROSUDCiao tutti ! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Karin Selešová and I am from #Slovakia. Recently, I have successfully graduated as a Master at #UniversityofEconomicsinBratislava. Last year, I studied in city of Varese as an Erasmus student but Erasmus+ is not only about studying or internships. You can find a lot of different possibilities like me throughout the program “#ERASMUSFORYOUNGENTREPRENEURS”. Currently, I am in #Bari(Italy), where I am learning how to set up successful small non-profit organization dealing with providing trainings using non-formal education methods from organization #EUROSUD. I ​am sure ​that Erasmus+ program and EUROSUD will help me with my future small business in my home country – Slovakia.


eurosudThe local newspaper from Molfetta wrote about youth exchange “NO WASTE MORE TASTE” which took place in Biscgelie. This projects was realized by Erasmus + programme. 36 young people from Italy, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania had chance to participate in this, also EUROSUD was invloved.

You can read the article here (in Italian language) ⬇⬇⬇


Quindici Molfetta


EUROSUDNext week, here in Bari, EUROSUD will begin our new LINGUABILITY project. This is a free course of English lessons taught by Zoe, a qualified TEFL teacher from the United Kingdom, and an intern here at EUROSUD.

The lessons will be held in BALAB, at Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15;30-17;00. The course is open to everyone.

Check out the Facebook page to find more information, the admission form and lots of fun tips and tricks to get you in the mood for some English!




EUROSUDToday (26.09) EUROSUD team participated in the young exchange “NO WASTE MORE TASTE” in the city of Bisceglie.

We prepared for participants session about recognition of 8 key competences. These key competences include “traditional” skills such as: learning to learn, digital competence, mathematical band basic competences in science and technology, social and civic competences, communication on foreign languages, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, communication on the mother tongue, cultural awareness and expression. Before the session, we had warm-up activity -“find someone who” and finally, we played funny game “splash”. Thanks to this exchange, the participants gained a lot of practical knowledge that they could use in their future. What is more, they made a lot of friends from different countries and they deepen their personal networks. Moreover, they learned to understand different cultures, their habits, traditions, and behavior. The exchange program was really nice and all participants intend to participate in the same projects in the future. We are glad to be part of such a successful exchange like this. Thank you all! … Your EUROSUD team 


EUROSUDParticipants from EUROSUD organization just arrived in Poland , in the small village of Krzyzowa , too difficult to pronunce but too beautiful to leave.

Up to 30 youth workers,young leaders and participants from Sept. 25th till Oct. 2th,toghter to learn more tools to include young people with disabilities.As well theory and tools for practical work (by sharing good practices, resources, and finally by creating and adopting tools they could use to meet specific needs of this group of young people).

More in the next days.




EUROSUDyouthreporter.eu is a website run by JUGEND für Europa for everyone who’s spending time abroad as a volunteer, university student, intern or trainee.

This is where you can report on your life in a foreign country and read other people’s stories.

For example you can read the story of Santa and her desire to go abroad and study with Erasmus programme.



Just couple of weeks ago four italian participants had opportunity to attend the project: “Refugees Integration vs.Discrimination” from 21th till 29th in the beautiful location of Varbovo, in Bulgaria .

Zdjęcie użytkownika Adriano Italia.This the short article from our representative:
“The project has been a really good good experience because the trainers were well informed about the topic and furthermore the participants had a lot of personal experience in the topic of Refugees, so all these things gave the possibility to all the partecipants to learn a lot of things.The location was amazing,under the mountains, close to the border with Romania and Serbia (one of the main refugees routes) and our cheef prepared always nice foods.
The organization of the host association was good and we can just say Thanks to them and thanks to Eurosud that gave us this opportunity. ”

Matteo M.


eurosudHello everyone! 😊
I am Petya and I would like to introduce myself as a new trainee for EUROSUD! I come from Bulgaria 🇧🇬️ where I just got my master degree in International Project Management and I can’t wait to apply my knowledge in real environment! 🌍 I have already participated in two short Erasmus+ projects and for me we will be a great pleasure to develop similar projects on my own, while enjoying the sunny city of Bari! 🌴☀️🌊


eurosudA Settembre si sa , si ritorna o a scuola o all’Università. Noi di EUROSUD non ci siamo dimenticati di voi e per questo abbiamo pensato ad una soluzione per rendere il rientro universitario meno tragico.

E’ stata approvata infatti ,la convenzione con l’ Università degli Studi di Bari ” Aldo Moro”, Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche per Corsi di Laurea Magistrale in Relazioni Internazionali , per i tirocini di formazione e orientamento destinata agli studenti delle classi di laurea specialistica.
A partire da Settembre infatti, gli studenti di Scienze Politiche potranno svolgere un periodo di tirocinio presso l’associazione EUROSUD. Il tirocinio formativo è di 250 ore con il riconoscimento di 10 CFU (credito formativo universitario)

I CFU sono iL valore numerico che viene attribuito ad ogni attività formativa svolta.Ogni anno accademico prevede il conseguimento di 60 CFU.Per conseguire il tuo corso di laurea triennale devi aver conseguito 180 CFU. La laurea specialistica prevede il conseguimento di altri 120 CFU .

Un tirocinio formativo e di orientamento è uno strumento previsto dalla legge che consente al giovane un’esperienza effettiva presso un’azienda, un ente pubblico ovvero un’organizzazione permettendogli di mettersi alla prova in un ambiente di lavoro in modo da orientare o verificare le sue scelte professionali e di acquisire un’esperienza pratica e certificata che andrà ad arricchire il suo curriculum.

Per maggiori informazioni e dettagli sulla convenzione scriveteci su:


EUROSUDHere in south of Italy is definetly too hot to work , and from EUROSUD organization, we are slowly rolling into our summer break!!
A big thanks to our active interns that developed a lot of ideas and activities for the next winter. Katalin from Hungary, Julie and Andrea from France,Oliwia from Poland,Anna from Czech Republic and Kristina from Croatia. Plus our long term EVS volunteers Federica and Pasqualino departing in a couple of months for Georgia.

See you all in couple of weeks with more and more travel and learning opportunities for young people across Europe.



eurosudOne of the last shots of the Spin Dots-Points in the Municipal Training Project. ” The international meeting that took place from 24 to 28 August 2017 took place in the wonderful setting of the De Sanctis castle in Roccacasale (AQ). The project, backed by the European Community in the thirtieth year of the Erasmus Plus, focused on building a structured dialogue, empowerment and the concept of active citizenship.

The simple, but unexcused goal is to bring young people closer to politics and institutions by expanding the awareness, knowledge, practices and values ​​of active youth citizenship, starting with the knowledge of the territory they live in.

At the meeting, created by the Municipality of Roccacasale in collaboration with the Open Space Association, the United Games Hungarian Association, Tdm 2000 Italia, UPE and other partners. An active participation of about one hundred children (18 to 30 years), 76 coming from Italy and 24 from Hungary, active in social and politically committed, curious about culture and bound to their own territory.

A final result more than positive.



⬇⬇⬇ Il racconto appassionato di Claudio Amendolagine .

Un’estate a Bari. Ecco perché è la città ideale.


email: claudioamendolagine@gmail.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/ocalao
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMrCalao

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/claudio.amendolagine


eurosudThe training course „EU-Line – ICT in youth work” was implemented from 8th to 15th of October 2016 in International Youth Meeting Centre in Krzyzowa, Poland.

The project was the first of the series of activities under common name of “EU-Line”, promoting ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in youth work.

The project was developed and implemented by ten project partners (from Croatia, Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Latvia, Greece, Czech Republic and Poland) and engaged 35 youth workers.

The project, run with non-formal education methodology, concentrated on possibilities of implementation of ICT tools and online resources in fighting youth unemployment in Europe.



eurosudEUROSUD , International Youth Mobility is not just Erasmus+. Today (30.07.2017) delegates from EUROSUD lead a session during the AEGEE Summer Week ITALIAN GRAND TOUR .

Since the topic of the summer event is ”youth mobility” EUROSUD members presented to 30 interested students some of the EU mechanisms devoted to and for (working-studying) mobility.

Divided into 3 smaller groups they participated in 3 workshops „EU mechanism for youth labour mobility and employment“ . In almost 2 hours long workshop, that was simulation of TC, students were introduced with current EU situation, causes and consequences of youth unemployment, then they were working in groups and afterwards presented different EU mechanisms and measures to tackle youth unemployment.

Almost all the participants were so surprised that EU offers so many opportunities and they wrote that now when they knew about them they will definitely try to apply and use one of that opportunities.




eurosudYesterday EUROSUD interns, Katalin from Hungary and Oliwia from Poland, organized activities during the youth exchange „Be your boss” which takes place in Molfetta from 19 to 26 July 2017. Girls carried out 2 workshops focused on soft skills, during which participants had to consider which personal traits are important on the job market but also reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses. After successful morning activities, Kati and Oliwia took part in “Human library” prepared by participants and thanks to that event they had opportunity to find out more about their beautiful countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Germany, France and Lithuania.

EUROSUD would like to thank Associazione InCo for inviting us to be a part of this wonderful experience!



eurosudToday (12.07.2017) EUROSUD members are in Madrid for 2nd meeting of KA2 project NET-NEET. During meeting partners discussed progress of network creation and platform development.
Stay tuned on official project FB page. Interesting things are coming soon.


➡➡➡NET-NEET Project


Around one year ago , #EUROSUD organization implemented #RECRAFT16 International youth exchange.

Deme and Laliko , representatives from CISV GEORGIA , had the opportunity to join that project and increase their burning desire to start their own business.

Here goes a video report about their activities so far.

ყველაზე ფერადი "ჰიპი" თბილისის ქუჩებში

Posted by TV პალიტრანიუსი – TV PalitraNews on Sunday, July 2, 2017


Find more ➡➡➡HERE


eurosudLocal newspaper writing about our last Erasmus activity involving local schools and municipality.





eurosudInternational youth exchange  3R gave opportunity to EUROSUD young activist the possibility to share experience in the field of creativity.
The exchange aimed to offer an opportunity for young people to combine entrepreneurial skills and handicrafting techniques and learn how to improve their own lives and also serve as good example for their peers.
Moreover the project aimed to encourage Young People in revitalizing the cultural heritage and using them as a tool for putting their skills into business, thus reducing the level of unemployment and sense of despair. This will help not only the participants from rural areas to find comprehensive ways of entrepreneurship, but also help in rehabilitation and preservation of cultural heritage of participating countries.

eurosudSome of the participant’s feedback : 
“I was told about this project by a friend already some time ago but I actually I have decided recently to participate in it. Maybe the reason is that now I’m in such a time in my life in which I really need it. Now I’m in the moment of my self-development and waiting for a change in my life. I’m working on myself now, I finally have
time to get deeper into myself, to participate in some handcraft workshops, to get to know myself better, to change some of my “wrong” behaviours…and it makes me feel really well.”

“I wanted to try something new, to get some new skill. I was thinking to find my own style. I got informed about this project from my friend who invited me to join it.
I thought ” I can learn something new, get new skills, meet new people.” Besides the topic seemed extremely interesting to me: linking manual activities like  designing, sewing, doing make-up with self-expression. I was always looking for unusual clothes not to show off but to express myself by what I wear. Although I have never tried to transform clothes by myself I always wanted to learn and I would like to start now. I miss some courage and manual skills but I have a lot of ideas already: -) I would like to cut some dresses in an interesting way or I also have some ideas for the jeans jackets – how to transform them. But I have never done it. I was also a bit afraid of trying for the first time, of damaging something.”



eurosudEUROSUD organization run the international project ERASMUS+ : EUROPE MEETS EUROMED #EME17
Today, as a result ,we want to share with you the booklet report from this amazing experience.

We surely hope this small booklet gave you an overview regarding our activities . Our wish is that you can get an idea as well of the mobility experience of our participants have done, since the most important thing is sharing knowledge and experiences.

Please feel to share the content of it on the widest scale possible! ➡➡➡ READ IT HERE



Il Comune di Bisceglie ha ospitato il progetto “EUROPE MEETS EUROMED #EME17”  dell’Associazione Eurosud finanziato dall’Agenzia nell’ambito del programma ERASMUS+. Svilluppato per affrontare i temi del dialogo interculturale e dell’inclusione sociale.

Back in April , EUROSUD organized the International meeting ERASMUS+ EUROPE MEETS EUROMED #EME17.

EUROPE MEETS EUROMED #EME17 è stato un progetto formativo finanziato dal programma ERASMUS+. Svilluppato per affrontare i temi del dialogo interculturale e dell’inclusione sociale. Organizzato con il patrocinio della Rappresentanza in Italia della Commissione europea e con il patrocinio dell’Università degli Studi di Bari ‘’Aldo Moro” e di PUGLIAPROMOZIONE – Agenzia Regionale del Turismo.

La gazzeta del Mezzogiorno wrote about it. Find it ➡  HERE  


eurosudOn 2nd of July members of EUROSUD took a part in 3° Walking4Run di #Molfetta. The event was organized by INCO Molfetta and Spazio S.P.IN – Progettazione per l’innovazione. It was a big pleasure to join it. See you in next year!

Check Facebook profile of  Associazione InCo!




Starting another productive week with #EU news and opportunities , upcoming conferences, events and much more. Today we are happy to share with you all , the experience of Moïze from Belgium involved in #Erasmus Internship in EUROSUD.

Are you also wondering about this opportunity?
You can still join us, write to us on eurosudngo@gmail.com

Special thanks goes to Anna Rehakova for the video edititng.


eurosudFrom 2th June till 9th June up to 30 participants had opportunity to join the E+training course ” I am HUMAN, I have RIGHTS! ” in Romania.

Here goes a short and detailed report from Romanian national newspaper.
(for romanian speakers) ➡➡➡ READ


eurosudAnche l’associazione EUROSUD presente per l’evento “Volontariato in Piazza” , promosso dal Centro di Servizio al Volontariato “San Nicola” di Bari.

Lo Speaker`s Corner e` lo spazio che amplifica la voce delle associazioni a Volontariato in Piazza. Clowntetapia, bullismo, protezione civile, intercultura, immigrazione, diritti civili, educazione, minori, accoglienza e tanto altro ancora le esperienze che I volontari stanno raccontando ai numerosi visitatori che attraversano `la piazza delle meraviglie`.





eurosudToday (14.05.2017) delegates from EUROSUD lead a session during the Youth Echange #SpringOfSport powered by Associazione Inco. Since one the main topic of the project is sport and ”mobility” ,EUROSUD members presented to 35 interested students some of the EU mechanisms devoted to and for (working-studying) mobility.

In 2 hours long workshop, students were introduced with current EU situation, causes and consequences of youth unemployment, then they were working in groups and afterwards presented different EU mechanisms and measures to tackle youth unemployment. Almost all the participants were so surprised that EU offers so many opportunities and they wrote that now when they knew about them they will definitely try to apply and use one of those opportunities.
Thanks president Luigi Balacco


”No time to lose! Reduce, Recycle, Reuse” running in the metropolitan region of Thessaloniki (Agia Triada).
#3R_2016 #Erasmus #YiA18#mobilityEU #Thessaloniki#Greece

eurosud14th arrival day, meeting and safety and organizational briefing.
The project started the 15th November in the lobby room of a beautiful Hotel on seaside in Agia Triada (Thessaloniki metropolitan area). During the morning we took part in several name games, ice-braking, team building activities aiming at getting closer participants (getting to know each other and learning the names. We had fun , representing tr our trip to get Agia Triada
In the afternoon we have been involved in an open discussion about environmental issues in our country , our eco-friendly attitude in daily life sharing our community’s needs . Afterwards we were split into national groups and had the task to present our organization in an original and creative way (through song, theatre sketches) and discover how other organizations work in different European countries.
After dinner we participated at the first intercultural night dedicated to Czech Republic, with typical game, food and drink from this country.

eurosudThe second day 16th after the morning energizer was also about knowing and learning better the participants backgrounds trough a funny name game and starting the classic “Secret Friend”. In the afternoon the Portuguese team have developed an interesting workshop “Getting to know materials” about creative recycle in order to contribute for our hotel’s Christmas tree by building small decorative objects. After this, we watched the documentary “Water Cycle” and discussed each other about it.
The intercultural night in this day has been dedicated to Spain and Romania.

On 17th the organization gave us the opportunity to visit “Estate “the factory and winery of an important Greek Wine company. It was very interesting to discover and explore the Museum of ancient tools and objects related to wine. In the afternoon a guided tour in Thessaloniki to know better the city has been provided by the Greeks and Italians participants who are students of history and archeology. Greek intercultural night

On 18th we discover a great and successful example of recycling , watching the documentary “Wasteland” about a Brazilian workers cooperative which has developed an innovative system in several Rio De Janeiro garbage dumps. We can say that for most of them it has been one of the best emotional and at same time formative moment of the exchange.
In the afternoon we have been involved in a great workshops directed by Portuguese team which show us how to create our personal agenda from old and unused magazines.
In the night more or less all group together enjoyed Thessaloniki night life.

eurosudSunday morning 19th November, we started the session later than the other days sharing few good practices of recycling. In the afternoon facilitators alongside with PR of youth organisations show us how to set up an online campaign and we were divided in several groups , working together to an example given by them. Afterwards the Italian and Portuguese team worked in organizing intercultural night.
We proposed the following funny Games “Human Pizza”, “Calabrese Spicy Challenge” , “Italian history quiz” etc.

On the last day of the projects, the hosting organization staff made a original presentation of the Erasmus + and participants had the opportunity to fill the official application form for Ka1 projects, learning mobility of individuals.
The afternoon have been entirely dedicated to Evaluation of the whole project through an open debate among us, and to a wonderful Youth pass ceremony in which participants filled the second part of youth pass writing the key competences acquired during the exchange.

The 21st almost everyone travelled back home, thinking about something new and others move to Thessaloniki spending 2 more days in Greece.

We would like to thank EUROSUD organization for this opportunity!

Daniele Quaresima


eurosudEUROSUD e FORUM GOVANI PUGLIA presenti per l’evento a Salerno .
NOI GIOVANI EUROPEI:Crescere, Partecipare, Innovare. Il nostro territorio ospiterà 3 giorni di #dialogostrutturato con giovani amministratori e imprenditori, rappresentanti di organizzazioni e forum dei giovani per proporre una reale cooperazione nazionale per le Politiche Giovanili.

#meetingnazionalegiovani2017 #noigiovanieuropei #crescere #partecipare#innovare #acgmobydick #erasmusplus



Watch the video from the Erasmus + Training Course ”Find Balance Through Parkour” which was held from 19th to 29th of April 2017 in Vitsa (Zagori, Ioannina, Greece)

“24 persons and athletes from 8 countries around Europe full of energy gave their best self challenging themselfs and having fun.

This is one of the Parkour Videos the participants had to present as their final task during the course.”

Parkour Evolution (Athens Parkour Academy leading the Erasmus+…

We are very proud that Athens Parkour Academy founder and coach Panos Toge Almanlis was one of the trainers at the Erasmus Plus Training Course ''Find Balance Through Parkour'' which was held from 19th to 29th of April 2017 in Vitsa (Zagori, Ioannina, Greece)24 persons and athletes from 8 countries around Europe full of energy gave their best self challenging themselfs and having fun.This is one of the Parkour Videos the participants had to present as their final task during the course.Aim of the video is to show how parkour is for everyone, no matter of physical condition, age, sex and how you evolve in the sport.

Posted by Athens Parkour Academy on Sunday, April 30, 2017

“Aim of the video is to show how parkour is for everyone, no matter of physical condition, age, sex and how you evolve in the sport.”

Check out Facebook profile of Athens Parkour Academy!


eurosud“Young Participation Strong Tomorrow Investment”  KA3 Structured Dialogue in Ankara from 19th till 25th of April.

The project started the 20th morning in the lobby room of the Hotel: we had some little games to get to know each other and learn the names. After lunch we were split into groups and had the task to collect the ideas and present our organization .

It was interesting to Discovery how other organizations work in different European countries. After dinner, some of us had got the opportunity to meet Friends that knew that live in Ankara and it was unbelivable, at least for me (Alessandro), marvellous.

The second day was also about knowing one another better and, dividend in different groups from the previous ones (every time we were split in different groups and that was great), se discussero about how people can be active citizens in their society, youngsters in particular: some very importante ideas came out: to take part in NGOs, get truthful information regarding Fairtrade products.

The activities went on and at 9:30 p.m., after dinner, we were able to introduce Lithuania, Italy and Hungary to the others: for that purpose we proposed to play “Ruba bandiera” (great fun), a quiz with two groups with some questions in Italian culture and offer some good brought from Italy: on the following days participants said that they appreciated it!

eurosudOn the third day five new groups prepared a play and act showing daylylife experiences in which there were some discriminations: women unfair salary, women abuses at workplaces, disabled people not respected at school, an immigranted girl ill treated at her dance lessons, anche immigranted injured boy with no healthcare right, and more. In the afternoon we visited Mustafà Kemāl mausoleum. The cultural night of 22nd was with Croatia, Bulgaria and Slovakia: interesting and full of information.

On the 23rd we, again in groups, went out to interview at least five people about whether they knew or not about Erasmus+ and if they were willing to bè or already were entrepeneur: most of the groups did this task in Turkish (there was a Turkish in 4/5 groups), because just few people of the interviewed could speak
English fluently.

The afternoon was dedicared to make up and then present, in teams, a distopy based in discriminations and injustice: a lot to learn, for example, a world where women had been created Just for men’s pleasures and were treated with no respect. In the other hand, we, again new teams, thought about a utopian society in which there was just fairnes: we made up anche anthem (and some sangue it ), the money was hugs foto some, educational was passed through kisses sexual orientation was free, even houses were built in clouds, and more.

In the afternoon we presented the projects and we got a task: to earn some money (starting from 10 lira), in teams, however we wanted: most of the groups decided to have a little exibitions in the streets (we have got videos and photos of this, too) and it worked. At the end of the day it was the turn of Macedonia and Turkey, with also two special guests: a famous Turkish musician who player some traditional songs and a Turkish dancer Who thaugt is some tradizional dancings: interesting experience.

In the 24th, last day, we had a free day, to go sightseeing and know Ankara better (mosques, etc.). We spent the last night more or less together, talking and dancing, getting the travel refund, and when it came morning ed had to say goodbye, and that was hard.

The 25th almost everyone travelled back home, thinking about something new.

We would like to thank EUROSUD organization for this opportunity!

Alessandro B.


eurosudYesterday, 26th April, Julie Flot and Andrea Benedetti, Erasmus Interns from EUROSUD , just took part in an annual assembly at the IISS Pacinotti-Fermi , vocational school in Taranto. Along the meeting, they had the opportunity to address an audience of about 250 students and professors.  It was the chance to present EUROSUD activities and to talk as well about some of the past and next projects involving young people from all around Europe.

Pacinotti-Fermi is a High School specialised into technical fields with various departments: Informatics/Telecommunications, Electronic/Electrotechnic and Agronomy. Some students from this school already took part in a Erasmus + mobility projects in the UK.

eurosudDuring the presentation, Julie and Andrea talked about the professional and personal advantages related to taking part in a Erasmus + projects and how they could benefit from it. Since both of them participated in Erasmus + exchanges programs, they could shared their experiences from a personal point of view and explain what these experiences meant for them. During the meeting they present as well Erasmus+ programme wider, focusing on opportunities for local students organisations in those parts of the programme that are related to Education and Youth. A special attention to the opportunities for projects supporting mobility of students and staff and mobility of youth workers and young people, as well as project for further improvement of higher education.

“Erasmus internship” is promoted by the European Commission and it is an exchange program between universitites,smes and ngos aimed to encourage the spirit of youth personal development and international mobility.
The exchange lasts from 1 to 6 months and it gives the opportunity to learn, to create new partnerships and help yourself grow professionally. Also EUROSUD organization is giving you the opportunity to join the erasmusintern programme .Stay update and don’t miss the opportunity !!

For more information or clarification, please contact your own University, at Erasmus department (https://erasmusintern.org/)


eurosud“Young Europeans for Active Citizenship” hosted by United Society of Balkans in Thessaloniki during period  from 19th to 29th of March 2017.

The days and sessions were well-structured:
Day 1: team building, energizers to make friends.
Day 2 workshop on what Europe means, on what active participation is, on Ngos. Presentation of Eurosud.
Day 3: workshop on Human Right
Day 4: Simulation of European Decision Making Process: this was the most stimulating day, very well-structured and organized. We could have the opportunity to be members of European Council or Parliament for one day.
Day 5: Campaign Project, we made reflections on promoting European rights by articles, memes and videos.
Day 6: Campaign around Thessaloniki: we filmed a video in the center of the city during we made campaign about main rights for European Citizens.
Day 7: free
Day 8: we talked about Erasmus + project, EVS.

I really liked this project and I think that my participation it was very active too.

I think that the organization was amazing, and the same for the Hotel and the accommodation in general. They were very kind and careful with us. I had a problem and they helped me to solve it, in a very friendly way.
It was useful to understand better something I learnt at University about European Law and to have a pratical approach to it.
Summing up, it was an unforgettable experience I will be thankful for all of my life, in particular for the awesome people I met. Thanks to EUROSUD team for this opportunity. This is the picture that most describe this project to me.

Federica P. (27.04.2017)


eurosudToday (27th of March) Croatian local news portal is talking about Europe Meets Euromed#EME17.

This project has changed my way of thinking and a way of seeing the world. During eight days these people made a very big impression on me. Apart from them, many thanks I owe to organizers of this project and I want you to be aware of changes you make by doing this projects, both in society and in the world. In any school and in any university you will not have the opportunity to learn what I learned during those eight days, or gain experience that I have gained. ~
Change begins with you!
Žana Plejić, a member of the Croatian team on the project # EME17



In this report, I will talk about the project “Young professionals! Say no to bullies!!!”, implemented in Poland focusing on various forms of bullying and their prevention. eurosud
The project took place in Poland and it was divided in two activities
The first part took place in Lublin from 10th to 17th November and the second part in Lanckorona from 14th to 21st February. I have participated in both parts of the project, so I could make a global evaluation about this experience.
The first step was more theoretical and included a series of seminars; the second one, however, was a training and gave us practical techniques to prevent and to fight bullying.
People from different countries took part in this project (Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, UK and Ukraine).
Thanks to the comparison with people with different experiences and cultures, I have expanded my point of view.
Today, bullying is a recurring issue in a lot of countries and I was struck by the almost total lack of legislations about it. During the project, we have evaluated the different profiles of bullying, that affects all age and social context.
“Bullying”, in fact, is a word that contains so many definitions within it. Depending on how it happens, some examples are:
• mobbing
• sexual harassment
• discriminations based on sex, race or religion
• discriminations based on disability.
While in the first part of the project we talked about the theme only at the theoretical level, in the second one the meetings were characterized by practical activities of various kinds.
All the activities we done involved the whole group and experts on this topic helped us.
The first activities were to brainstorm and to compare personal knowledge on the topic.
After this first step, there were role-plays in which were represented various types of bullying. Depending by the scene, each of us proposed a solution to prevent or to solve the specific situation.
eurosudThese phases were accompanied by the vision of movies and videos.
Classroom activities were alternated by interesting visits in the area that helped the group to find a union.
We documented the conclusions of our work with videos made during the project and with paperwork like billboards.
The results obtained at the end of the project are valued in terms of personal and professional growth. In my opinion the topic, which we have talked about in a serious and proactive way during the project, was very interesting and I am sure it will affect my (personal and professional) path. I would like to thank EUROSUD organization for this opportunity.
I attach to this report some photos that represent the project.

Facebook profile ➡Young Professional Say To Bullies

G.M. Italian participant (22.04.2017)



eurosudEverything is ready for the course : “Young Participation Strong Tomorrow Investment” KA3 Structured Dialogue in Ankara from 19th till 25th of April.

As a result of our project, the participants will acquire knowledge of human rights; will understand better the importance of peace and integrity in regards to the globalization. Our aim is to find new solutions and offer suggestions to the refugee crisis, which has become a huge humanitarian issue, which ensured bringing up suggestions, to engage participants in initiatives as to submit the suggestions to the relevant departments on local and international level. Another purpose of our project is emphasized on the role of those who suffer from wars in the society, to show them that it is our human duty to help them and that we will commit this duty in every region, we can reach.
Furthermore : to ensure participants to explore cultural differences, to support them in their communication amongst youths, to boost their self-esteem and to improve their entrepreneurship features, the participants will be able to be active in our trainings and to make new friendships as long as strengthen them , to overcome prejudices.



eurosudJust closed the Youth Exchange – Media Creator #1: Social Media & Branding – London, UK.

MEDIA CREATOR project focused on practical and innovative digital skills that employers and clients (in case of entrepreneurial path) are looking after, involving youth directly as media creators.

The purpose of Media Creator youth exchange is to give participants several tools to improve your image as a brand in order to get hired or self-employed. 
eurosudJoin next youth exchange :

13-22 July 2017: Media Creator #2
9-17 August 2017: Media Creator #3




eurosudEUROSUD representatives partecipating today in the KA2 project multiplier event at Balab coworking space at University of Bari.

The KA2 project “Open Up Entrepreneurship”overarching objective of the project is to create open educational means on entrepreneurship, by using innovative practices and tools.
The open learning environment to be developed, shall be used for training micro and small enterprises (employers and/or self-employed persons) -as well as potential entrepreneurs (e.g. students)- on the basic principles of international, e-entrepreneurship, in order to improve those skills and knowledge required for the exploitation of opportunities, stemming from the digital economy.

eurosudThe project will develop and apply an open, electronic educational workshop, with the view of spreading the use of technological tools and helping participants to magnify the benefits of the digital economy for their current or future enterprises.



EUROPE MEETS EUROMED #EME17 – the radio interview

eurosudThis morning (28th of March) ,at EUROSUD organization,we received via mail , the radioInterview with participants from Croatia for the international project ERASMUS+ : EUROPE MEETS EUROMED #EME17

“Interview with the croatian participants of the international project EUROPE MEETS EUROMED.
From their choices to take part in the event to their expectations , contributions and inspirations , from the reasons for ”discovering new culture” to the several sessions and workshops they experienced along the week .

More and more following the interview. Don’t miss it!
Big – hvala – thanks for the deep commitment of our participants.

All interview you can listen HERE


eurosudLast day meeting for EUROSUD team ,this time at World Trade Center Marseille, for our KA2 project “A Network for NEET mobility”,in which we are representing Italy,with two more partners from Calabria and Tuscany .
Promoter of this proposal is CCIFM – Camera di Commercio Italiana per la Francia in Marsiglia.

The aim of the project is tackling unemployment of youth(young people,NEET category and youth with low level qualifications,youth with fewer opportunities) across #EU by creating a network of professionals that will support young people with basic skills in international internships . The strategic network consists of over 14 chamber of commerce, local NGOs and training agencies as well.

Structured actions and shared responsibilities for the following months are: 
1. Research and create on the national level, businesses that can host individuals with low level qualifications .
2. Develop a web platform related to this network .
3. Setting up events throughout Europe to introduce the network and the web platform.

Looking forward for the next meeting,approximately in July.



eurosudToday EUROSUD team , is at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Marseille for the kick-off meeting of our KA2 project “A Network for NEET mobility”,in which we are representing region Puglia,with more two partners from Calabria and Tuscany .

The project , with a long term duration up to 24 months is based on a reliable partnership network from taly,Spain,Greece,Germany and Denmark. The aim is encouraging and sponsoring mobility projects for NEET and youth with low qualifications in order to identify what are their key skills are and empower them in that specific sector .
Today we set our responsibilities and duties on local level as a partner for the implementation of the project and activities.

Looking forward for tomorrow in order to go deeper in the context.
More details soon.



eurosudYouth Support Centre is starting participation in a Youth Exchange “Young Europeans for Active Citizenship” hosted by United Society of Balkans in Thessaloniki .

Also EUROSUD organization is partner in this project,with 6 young volunteers and youth workers from Italy.

Stay connected to see what ‘s going on!
#ErasmusPlus #USB #YSC #youth

➡ Youth Support Centre



EUROSUDThe final day of the EME project has arrived. This morning (11.03.2017) we went to the local “Leonardo da Vinci” high school of Bisceglie to show the results of the photography workshops we had in the previous weeks, and to explain to the youngsters of this school how the culture is in the 8 different participating countries is like and what conflict looks like in these countries. We headed back to the venue and completed the final evaluation of the project, we took a look at the expectations, contributions and fears we had put up in the beginning of the week and discussed whether or not these have come true. We talked about the things we learned, the things we will remember and the message we will share after this experience. In the evening we went to a local pizzeria and had the opportunity to taste different kinds of delicious pizzas. After the official issuing of the youth passes it was time to say our goodbyes and make plans to meet in the future, because real friendships were made during this project and we are sure that a lot of us will meet again in the future. Thank you all for being such amazing, wonderful and open-minded participants. We wish you all the best!


eurosudAfter a long journey, the participants form all destinations including: Jordan, Palestine, Malta, Croatia and France finally arrived to Italy in the beautiful fishermen’s city of Bisceglie. This morning we kicked off the “EUROPE MEETS EUROMED 2017 #EME17” project with some icebreakers to learn each other’s names. After the first rounds of just saying your name and country, we increased the level by adding a movement and making all the participants repeat these names combined with the correct movements, which created some funny situations. After the initial introduction we went a little more into depth with a workshop called “human bingo”, this way we learned something more about the hidden skills of our participants, we found out who the musicians and the daredevils are amongst us. To get to know each other even better we talked about the expectations of this projects by discussing our hopes, fears and contributions. Around noon we gathered to enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by our very own chef; Vito. In the afternoon we went to the city centre to participate in the treasure hunt of the old city of Bisceglie. Five teams roamed the streets of Bisceglie with the same goal; to get all the answers to the questions of the quest. After a few hours the winner (team 2 AKA “Tigers with short legs”) arrived first and took all their glory. After dinner we all looked at the pictures of that afternoon and enjoyed some karaoke to end this wonderful day in beauty.


Studenti - archivio“Eurosud, associazione per la mobilità giovanile internazionale, è promotrice di un progetto di formazione e collaborazione con diversi partner provenienti da Francia, Croazia, Italia, Turchia, Malta, Giordania, Egitto e Palestina.

Il meeting internazionale Erasmus+ “EUROPE MEETS EUROMED #EME17″ sarà sviluppato proprio a Bisceglie.”



“SAVE THE GREEN, SAVE THE FUTURE” in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey

eurosudEUROSUD representatives and local volunteers involved in the erasmus+ project SAVE THE GREEN, SAVE THE FUTURE from 21 – 28 February 2017 in the city of Kahramanmaraş , close to Gaziantep in Turkey.

Durning all week , participants will discover cultural differences, improve interpersonal communication, contribute their self- confidence, entrepreneurship skills, being active and bond of friendship by activities which we will make, overcome the prejudices and support to bond of friendship between countries.Some moments from the very first day.

“NO LIMITS” by CET Platform Polska

Održan seminar "NO LIMITS"

An article about “NoLimits!” seminar by CET Platform Polska in Djakovo on local web portal ⬇




EUROSUD representatives and local youth workers who are actively involved with the work of the educational project “NO LIMITS”.

NO LIMITS is a first activity of a project organized and carried by CET Platform Polska. This first activity is taking a place in Djakovo, Croatia from February 4-11, 2017. in cooperation with CET Platform Hrvatska. The project is designed for workers and co-workers of partner organizations from Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Italy, Romania, UK, Macedonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Poland. Take a look at first and second day activities and photos:

Day 1: https://nolimitsbycet.wordpress.com/2017/02/05/day-1/
Day 2: https://nolimitsbycet.wordpress.com/…/day-2-february-5-2017/
Day 3 : https://nolimitsbycet.wordpress.com/…/day-3-february-6-2017/

eurosudFor more information about the project, daily updates from the Training course and produced results, we invite you to visit the project website at https://nolimitsbycet.wordpress.com and follow the official project hashtags

Stay updated on EUROSUD latest activities , Don’t miss the opportunity , Join the community ! !


Zdjęcie użytkownika Adriano Italia.Questa mattina (11.01.2017) abbiamo ricevuto il tanto atteso patrocinio dell’Università degli Studi di Bari “Aldo Moro” per il nostro prossimo progetto formativo “EUROPE MEETS EUROMED” #EME17

Il meeting internazionale si svolgerà dal 28 Febbrario al giorno 8 Marzo a Bisceglie .

EUROSUD nell’ambito di questo progetto collabora con partner provenienti da Italia, Croazia, Malta, Francia, Turchia, Palestina, Giordania, Egitto per un totale di più di 40 giovani studenti e neo laureati .


BANDO CORPI CIVILI DI PACE – Università degli Studi di Bari e Fondazione AVSI

eurosudOpen Call for young volunteers who will carry out activities abroad in conflict areas and at risk of conflict and environmental disaster areas.

Bando per giovani volontari che partiranno per svolgere azioni di pace non governative nelle aree di conflitto e a rischio di conflitto e nelle aree di emergenza ambientale .

1. Progetto “Perù” 6 Volontari Università degli Studi di Bari
2. Progetto “Haiti” 4 Volontari Fondazione Avsi
3. Progetto “Libano” 4 Volontari Fondazione Avsi

Scadenza 10.02.17