The seminar will empower partnership to get to know each other, start the process of capacity building, sharing experiences. The seminar aims to activate youth workers’ knowledge on the project topic, provide with more expertise on social and cultural entrepreneurship and tools for working with youth with fewer opportunities. The main result of mobility is mobilized potential of the consortium in the field of cultural entrepreneurship and cultural management and initiated process of capacity building.



Youth unemployment remains one of the biggest problems in EU: over 6 million young people are currently unemployed [Eurostat], all these are youths at higher risk of being socially alienated and those who face obstacles on the way to transfer their capital into social capital of Europe. 

“EntreprenEUrship for CultYOUre” (EU4YOU) aims to enable environment for providing such youth with training in the field of social youth entrepreneurship with a special focus on cultural management.

The project will build capacity of youth organizations for improving access to the labour market of their direct target groups. The main aim of the project thus is to foster employability of young people through providing them with training on cultural management that will let them acquire capacities to respond to the needs of today’s rapidly evolving cultural field and apply it to the societal problems that classic government policies fail to respond efficiently.

“EU4YOU” will create environment and tools on cultural management education that will allow fostering entrepreneurial skills and mindsets of those young people who tend to be even more excluded from the labor market or can’t fully explore own potential due to their inner orientation to creativity and arts instead of more demanded labor market fields that provide employment opportunities.

The project is not focused on involving youth with fewer opportunities in mobility activities: the idea is to engage the youth workers who are able to maximize the dissemination potential to the bigger groups of youth with fewer opportunities within the activities held on local level. Thus, the young people with fewer opportunities will be involved in workshops organized by the youth workers in their home countries and dissemination activities planned within the project lifetime.

EXPECTED IMPACT OF THE PROJECT The youth workers participating in mobility activities will enhance their knowledge on social and cultural entrepreneurship, social innovation and learn how to use strategically creative arts for bridging the “Three C” of current-state society – culture, community and commerce. The youth workers will then act as multipliers bringing the knowledge to their local community and contributing to the toolkit content creation. The youth participating in local workshops will gain crucial transversal skills and learn how to apply the principles of project management to their creative ideas in practice, critical thinking and ability to approach societal problems in a multi-disciplinary way extensively using own creativity potential.




Project“EmployabilityBootCamp” consists of one activity –training course for youth workers and local leaders. The training will be implemented in Krzyżowa, Poland, from 17ththto25th of February2018. 27participants of the project will come from 8 European countries (Latvia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, and Italy).

The project is designed for youth workers and members of NGOs working with young people on topics of entrepreneurship andemployability. As from our and our partners’ experience career of youth worker is usually build “naturally and by evolution fromvolunteer to project coordinator and manager”, the project is designed as a bridge between need of assistance provided by youthworkers in topics related to employability, providing them with complex knowledge and experience of the process of getting a job.

Participants in the project will come through complete employability path simulated with non-formal education methods, fromassessment of skills, through finding a suitable job offer, creating profiles in professional social media (LinkedIn) and creatingprofessional CV and covering letter, to job interview and negotiating contract and working conditions. At all stages we will learnmethods of non-formal education, which can be then used in partners’ local communities to support young people in the process ofstarting their careers. We will also learn about main EU initiatives and programmes stimulating employability of young people –Youth Guarantee and EURES.

Trainers of the project will be experienced in employability process on various scale, from small family companies to largeinternational corporations, as well as experienced youth workers and trainers with considerable experience in non-formal education,which guarantees practical aspect of the training.



Training course „LEAD THE SHIP“will bring together 30 highly motivated participants from the programme countries of Erasmus+.

We are looking forward to implement the project in the city of Olomouc in February 2018. Main objective is to develop the leadership methods and improve techniques in order to successfully lead the group of workers in non profit sphere, where motivation clearly is not driven by money or other corporate sphere success measures, but more likely by values, passion and believes. Therefore, the organisms inside associations often become pulsating and unstable. The success of leader is not measured on the common scale, but is very much influenced by adaptability towards the character and dynamics of the collective. Training aims to provide tools and competences in order to lead the collective towards mutual aims, which is the key aspect for a forming of skills and competences inside the collective. A good leader needs to know how to react in all scenarios that the group is up to face.


The characters of people are various but have much in common. Therefore, the main objectives are

–           to provide competences in decoding the personal motivations and characters of individuals (through that setting the approach and communication within the collective)

–          to develop professionalism within the associations while innovating and improving the quality of their delivery

–          to efficiently use the potential of the working group

–          to excercise the importance of lifelong learning

–          to acquire the competence of appropriate selection of leadership techniques



Art and Culture for Advancing Gender Equality is an exchange of young people that aims to provide tools for expressing through the art of youth, the dialogue on gender equality.

Where? La Vancelle (France, nearby Strasbourg)

When? Monday February 26 (arrival date) to Sunday March 4
2018 (departure date)

General objectives:

The main objective of the project is to stimulate and promote gender equality for young Europeans from 7 different countries (France, Italy, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Portugal) in an intercultural and secure environment.  The exchange  will be the basis for further initiatives and cooperation in the field of creative work and human rights. We would like to collect a balanced group from the point of view of the kind with interest for the cultural sector expression and active citizenship.




The ERASMUS + KA1 Project called “Olympic Spirit for Peacebuilding ” has been approved by the Greek National Agency with contract number 2017-2-EL02-KA105-00332 and will be implemented by ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SOCIAL ECONOMY GROUP (E.K.O.).
The project «Olympic Spirit for Peacebuilding» («OLYMPISM») is a transnational initiative for young people aged 18-30. The participants will come from 8 different countries (Greece, Estonia, Malta, Israel, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia and Turkey). Forty nine (49) young people aged 18-30, plus their group leader will participate in the project, organized and coordinated by E.K.O in Athens Greece.
The goal of the project is to inform and sensitize young people on values linked to the Olympic spirit as a message of peace building. Sports ideals and sportsmanship will be regarded as a tool “at the service of the harmonious human development for the promotion of a peaceful society, which ensures the preservation of human dignity` as it is described in the Olympic Charter.Through the proposed program of workshops and cultural visits in Athens, on the basis of methodologies and principles of nonformal education, young people will elaborate the philosophical values of Olympic ideals and their contribution to humanism, self respect and respect to the others, equity and honorable living. They will discover how the eternal humanitarian values of Olympism can become a powerful tool for civil society to combat phenomena such as hate, violence, racial racism, xenophobia in a world peacebuilding setting. They will promote this philosophy in their respective organizations and social milieus.

When?   APV Arrival day 01/03/2018   Departure day 03/03/2018       EXCHANGE: Arrival day 14/04/2018   Departure day 23/04/2018

Where?  The APV will be held in Athens, in Crystal City Hotel, a centrally located hotel, next to the metro station “Metaxourghio”